Taking drugs from API to fully developed foam: Formulation under Foamix’s intellectual property


Foamix is working with leading pharmaceutical companies from around the world, to develop unique products with a strong competitive edge.


Working with Foamix can convert your product from an idea to a product like no other; it can offer your existing product new life through life cycle management (LCM) before competition starts to rise, backed up with Foamix's broad IP protection.


What can you expect when working with Foamix?


In Foamix's laboratories we have a highly experienced R&D team and all the necessary capabilities needed in order to work with you all the way from first formulation steps to clinical trials and market.


Foamix development process - taking you from A to Z


Formulation Prototype development: Thanks to our versatile platforms, Foamix can approach every project individually, looking first at your drug and the specific patient condition; and only then develop an optimal solution.


Analytical methods - development & validation: Analytical method development and validation play vital roles in the development process. Foamix is fully equipped to offer test methods that are used to ensure the identity, purity, potency, and performance of drug products.


Skin penetration studies: One of the most important objectives in the development of topical drugs is to deliver the drug to its target site of action. Foamix uses cutting edge penetration studies in order to make sure your drug reaches the deep layer of the skin.


Preservative system: The use of preservatives is occasionally required to prevent product contamination. One of Foamix’s foam advantages is in its sealed packaging that lowers the risk of contamination and degradation. Many of Foamix's foams do not require any preservatives.


Stability testing: Each formulation is being monitored throw a series of stability tests, in various stress conditions as part of the development process.


GMP supplies for Phase I and II clinical trials: As part of the goal to advance your product towards clinical trials and eventually to market, Foamix is capable of producing on short notice GMP supplies for phase I and II clinical trials. When time is crucial, we move you forward faster.


Technology transfer to industrial manufacturers: Foamix has successfully transferred its technology to industrial manufacturers many times. Foamix is currently working with several pharmaceutical manufacturers throughout the U.S. and Europe.  


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